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Over the many years, Franklin Legal Group has become the gold standard that creates great results for countless clients because we take a relentless, very caring, people-first approach to debt relief. We never charge upfront fees and everything we do is with integrity. Franklin Legal Group is a member of the American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), which helps set ethical standards for the debt negotiation industry.

The debts of people just like you are resolved faster and for less with the help of our debt relief program. Call us for your FREE phone consultation TODAY!

Franklin Legal Group is awesome!

They let me know with sympathy and compassion that it was all going to be alright as they took charge of my debts. A mountain of debt causes overwhelming worry and stress that doesn’t allow you peace, but Franklin Legal Group comes to the rescue by negotiating with your creditors, in some debts cutting them in half! For the remaining debt, they create an affordable payment schedule so that after a few months, or years you’ll be debt free, relieved, and happy! I am definitely a happy customer with this glorious peace!”

Cindy J.

“Everyone in Franklin Legal Group has always been willing to help at any time. Gracias!”

Maria R.

“These guys from Franklin Legal Group really helped us out in our time of need and were great. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again, but hopefully I won’t ever need it.”

Oliver C.

“Outstanding expertise and customer service. Franklin Legal Group performed their magic and PRESTO! today I am free of debts. Thank you, Franklin Legal Group!”

Larry H.

“So far, Franklin Legal Group has done a great job. They went ahead and lowered my monthly payments and have negotiated a settlement for two of my debts for significantly lower than what I owed. I can’t recommend, and thank them enough!”

Frank F.

Franklin Legal Group is there every step of the way to help you understand the debt consolidation process. Their dedication and hard work for their customers is evident in their ability to resolve debt swiftly. I highly recommend them to resolve outstanding debt.”

Dorothea J.

Franklin Legal Group’s rep explained the entire process and was very professional. They answered all my questions and followed up the next day with a phone call to ask if there were any other questions. It was very easy to fill out the online documents. It’s so calming to know that there are truly caring companies out there that don’t charge set-up costs or outrageous fees and are here to help.”

Mike M.

“My representative James has been stellar. When I contact him he gets back with me! Franklin Legal Group has been such a great company to work with.”

Ashlee P.

Franklin Legal Group has been amazing in the negotiation of reducing my debt so far. I would highly recommend them! The stress I had gotten myself into has really been reduced as well and they are very easy to use.”

Robert N.

“A great worry has been taken off my shoulders thanks to Franklin Legal Group. It turned out to be a very easy process after I was a little scared to do this at first. Such a great group of people to work with. Any of my questions were answered immediately. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody in need of help for financial freedom!”

Greg W.

“To reduce the amount you owe, Franklin Legal Group works with all of your creditors which has helped me pay off my debt quickly. They ease your mind with the fantastic people who work with you. I have recommended Franklin Legal Group to my friends who are having problems.”

Barbara M.

Franklin Legal Group’s team is very honest and professional and takes all the worry off your hands.

Antonio R.

To have Franklin Legal Group on your side is truly a blessing. During this difficult time all of my family’s financial needs have been addressed.”

Steve D.

“To reduce the amount you owe, Franklin Legal Group works with all of your creditors which has helped me pay off my debt quickly. They ease your mind with the fantastic people who work with you. I have recommended FRanklin Legal Group to my friends who are having problems.”

Barbara M.

“I was drowning in credit card debt when my husband passed away. Franklin Legal Group showed me how to breathe again by reducing my debt. They are a total joy to work with and make you feel like it’s an honor for them to help you out. Thank you Franklin Legal Group”

Olivia P.

“I am elderly and live on a fixed income. The way Franklin Legal Group has helped me has left me very pleased. I believe that I will be out of this financial burden long before I could have ever accomplished it on my own if I follow their guidelines. These folks have softened my burden significantly. I will sing their praises and recommend them highly.”

Doris H.

“ I would highly recommend Franklin Legal Group’s great service with a personal touch. I have been very pleased with how they genuinely care about my situation. Thank you so very much for offering individuals like me a better way out than bankruptcy.

Manuel G.

“They were very helpful and able to set me on the right path, because they knew what they were talking about. I don’t know how you can find someone better than Franklin Legal Group, because I think everyone and everything has been perfect, so I would definitely recommend anyone with this dilemma to give them a call. Thank you for giving me my life back”

Ada W.

” I can’t tell you how wonderful all of you at Franklin Legal Group have been to work with in reducing all the credit card debt I was drowning in. I am very happy that things are moving along pretty quick. I didn’t know how I was going to continue with the program after just losing my husband a few months ago, but with the progress Franklin Legal Group is making for me, I can’t afford not to continue. I couldn’t be more pleased with everyone that is very friendly and so nice. Thank you Guys, my life was saved by you!”

Michelle W.

“Franklin Legal Group helped me understand how their program works so that I could be debt free in 15 months with one monthly payment.”

Connie D.

“We were going crazy with our debt, but when we got Franklin Legal Group’s help we were able to get completely out of debt in under 2 years. We still cannot believe it! This has allowed us to start our retirement debt free. Thank you for everything!

Mr. & Mrs. Robinson

“I really didn’t know what I was going to do after my husband died in 2012, because I was left with 1 income and a bunch of debt. Working with Franklin Legal Group not only has eliminated my debt, but it has allowed me to peacefully rebuild my life financially. Again, THANK YOU! I can’t say it enough! I love saying it and don’t tire. Because of the way you have helped me, I have referred many people to your organization from the bank I work in. I want to THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for EVERYTHING! ”

Sonia A.

“Where would I be without Franklin Legal Group? You’re one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Right on, Franklin Legal Group – it’s exactly what you got me, a new start. Thanks, Guys!”

Richard H.

“Thanks a million! I am thrilled about all the progress I have made thanks to you guys. The amazing service you provide with your superb customer service has dramatically turned our lives around for the better. We are so inspired to pay off our reduced debt that we can’t wait! Thank you, Franklin Legal Group! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Jon M.

“I can’t thank Franklin Legal Group enough for your priceless support! Thank you once again for taking the time to speak with me today and for helping me to get my life back on track. Completely recommended!

Santo T.

“In the over two years I’ve been working with Franklin Legal Group they really fight for the customer and have always been very professional. I picked them based on reviews and have not been disappointed. They have been fantastic and exceeded my expectations bigtime. I trust them and highly recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Sal G.

“Wow, what a wonderful liberating feeling! Thanks to you we can say we don’t owe any money anywhere! We certainly will recommend your agency to anyone going through money problems! We pray that everyone at Franklin Legal Group has a safe & healthy 2020 Holiday Season with all the blessings!“ Gratefully,

Vic and Ellen H.

The team at Franklin Legal Group free phone consultation dept. always goes out of their way to answer any and all questions you have without ever ducking any of your phone calls. They fully explain the process to you from the start, with transparency and no BS. There’s no bad surprises and hidden fees. You only pay when the debt is eliminated. The entire staff is truly fabulous and topnotch and greatly appreciated. I advise you to call them right away if you need help. Pronto!

Antony T.

“Thank you so very, very much for helping in getting our debt bills paid! The more manageable plan Franklin Legal Group created for us has allowed us to finally pay off our creditors. Your fees are so very reasonable for all that you do. The service you provide is so valuable that I strongly recommend you to anyone I notice needs debt relief. Thank you so very much for all your assistance in giving us this much-needed peace of mind.”

Rose T.

“Franklin Legal Group is an awesome company that helps you out! 4 Thumbs Up (big toes included)!!!”

John B.

“As you know, we just completed 2 years of paying off my $20,000 credit card debt. We are ecstatic to FINALLY be debt free! The renegotiated rates and payments Franklin Legal Group got us made all the difference in the world to get us through such a difficult time in our personal and financial lives. Thanks a billion! We’d never hesitate to refer you and your fantastic program for debt relief.”

Tommy S.

“In my opinion, the agents at Franklin Legal Group are most definitely very informative and helpful. I trusted them when I was told they would be there for me every step of the way. They are always there available for me and have helped me so much on the way to my becoming debt free. Always communicating and showing concern. I love them and wish them the very best in their own lives as well.  God bless and thank you so, so much!”

Becky M.

“Phenomenal results with the best customer service and a true understanding of the challenges faced by their customers! Completely in tune with the financial difficulties that present themselves in life.Thanks Franklin Legal Group!”

Dino C.

“Our empathetic rep at Franklin Legal Group is an outstanding professional that provided the excellent services the Mrs and I were in need of to finally resolve our debt. She was so accurate and prophetic in her analogy of explaining the consolidation program to us. Additionally, she has always had such compassion you can feel over the phone, because I was on a fixed income at the time, and she did a perfect job relaying that information to the crew that processed our application and getting us the most ideal and comfortable payment amount and plan. Amen! Thank you so much, Jane!”

Nick B.

“Never had I experienced this sort of process before, thus I was a little bit afraid at first. However, soon I pleasantly realized it was silly of me. We are advanced in age and experience difficulties with the internet. But our debt specialist Alicia from Franklin Legal Group has always been very patient with us. She is marvelous and my husband and I are very satisfied with the entire process. Bless your beautiful heart for your compassion with folks like us. Thank you so very much, Alicia and Franklin Legal Group! Everyone with money problems should go to you.”

Nelly R.

“Franklin Legal Group was so helpful when I was unable to make my monthly payment. A godsend, I tellya. They are THE BEST!!!”

Simon R.

“You provided such vital, indispensable assistance that over several years in your program helped me resolve a difficult financial situation when my debt was a small fortune out of control. I wish to express my immense appreciation to the entire Franklin Legal Group team for it. I know that without you I would never be free of debt today. Incredible that I can say I owe nothing at all in my life, except gratitude to you, of course! I can never thank you enough!”

Amanda I.

“God, what a great feeling! At first, we didn’t understand debt relief and thought it would ruin our credit rating, so we quietly suffered by stalling for 2 years before using Franklin Legal Group – as we’re certain most individuals probably do. Talk about getting it wrong! We are completely happy to have finally come to Franklin Legal Group and only regret not having done so any sooner. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING, Guys!”

Artie D.


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